Buontalenti: one year later!

Pubblicato il 31 December 2016

A special team.

People makes the difference! Margherita, Elena and I started talking about the new apartment in Florence looking for a good decoration. I always say:” 1+1=3”. That’s what happened. The three of us, talking, drawing, essaying, we went over the problem getting great ideas!

Elena proposed an unusual tiles floor. Both I and Margherita were a bit unsure about. Fortunately Elena insisted and I supported her ideas. Hexagonal tiles now constitute the “texture” of the new interiors.

In the central area there was a living/dining room with a small, closed kitchen. A stained glass door connecting to the studio.

I proposed to use the central room as a traditional Italian kitchen with a wide open kitchen, opening a second door to the studio, letting light come in as from a “veranda”. It became the real heart of the new apartment.

The bedroom is really a huge room. That was Italian style master bedroom. We wanted to keep this “space” giving a more contemporary footprint. Then the love of Margherita for Botticelli drove me to realize a big, traditional painting, as there are at the “Uffizi” as an impressive bed-head.

At the back I imagined a sort of wardrobe and, in front of the bed, the traditional CHARMSUITE fireplace/tv. An armchair with a standing lamp ant a coffee table, gave to the room exactly what we expected.

Margherita, I and Simona, who joined us, later, really enjoyed looking for pieces of furniture, mirrors, photos, objects.

Everyone of us gave a bit, but the result is much more then the simple sum of personal contribution.

Go and see the photos, read the report of our guests and you’ll get an idea about how our passion, become their joy!

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