Michelangelo Residence

If the Americans are right who say that the three most important things about a house are “location, location, location,” you have to admit that this one is very unique! We are exactly in front of St. Peter’s, at the closest point to the dome outside the Vatican. Even though the border is right below us-only a dead-end street separates us from the walls of the world’s smallest state. Beyond the walls, Santa Marta, where the current pontiff, Pope Francis, has decided to live, but also the Vatican station, the governorate palace, and the Vatican gardens. Surrounded by greenery, in total peace and silence, a truly precious condition for being in the center of a metropolis like Rome. The need for three floors of stairs is amply rewarded by the spectacle this height offers us. Obviously, the area is very central, heavily patrolled and connected, but except for occasions of special circumstances, it offers the equally rare opportunity for easy parking. Truly a unique address!

Sistine Suite

Sistina Suite Rome: suite in the historic center with Terrace. The Sistine Suite is located at the closest point to the dome

Dome Suite

CUPOLA Suite: view of the dome of St. Peter's in Rome. Located at the closest point to the dome outside the Vatican,