Charmsuite people


CHARMSUITE comes from my desire to stay and traveling.

Apparent contradiction, typical of who does not want to give up neither the pleasure of discovery nor that of the small pleasures of life.

I no longer wanted to run like crazy, taking pictures and visiting monuments and museums morning to night.

I wanted to wait for the sunset over a glass of wine, to lean out of the window watching people passing on the street, to listen to the speeches, shopping in a market, meeting people and eat at their home. Feeling like a native more than a tourist.

I wanted more a house than a cold and impersonal hotel room.

I wanted the same comfort and hospitality of the houses I have built for a lifetime.

And so I did it.

I looked for houses that were like I immagined, I tried to put in them the taste and care that my life and my job taught me.

I wanted colored walls, furniture and stuff chosen with love wherever my experienced led me.

I wanted to tell my story, giving a unique soul to each of the residences.

I wanted to give privacy through private kitchens, cosy corners, arm-chairs, bay window to sit and think, and watch, and read … (al plurale se riferito a più case)

Once I was satisfied with the results achieved, I moved further; I have built a network of collaborators and services offered to our guests, so to welcome them and assist them for whatever they might need. I wanted them to stay in a luxury unique roman residence full of a joyful and welcoming soul.

Our logo is in fact made of a noble and sofisticated black and of a warm joyful orange, to give our guests the idea of the quality time they will spend with us.

Come and enjoy an amazing new experience with CHARMSUITE PEOPLE, discovering new possibilities of space and a new dimension of time.