Once upon a food market

Pubblicato il 8 March 2017

Several years ago,  (not so many) food shopping was a daily activity. The squares of many cities and towns markets were transformed into markets and places to meet people. You could buy food directly from the farmers of the surrounding areas, and, in addition, you could get information, recipes, suggestions and ideas of all kind. As part of a community, everyone seemed special and unique.

 Food was extremely precious: it inspired respect and almost nothing was wasted. Every part was used and consumed. No rush, no hurry, every single leaf, berry, every small part of it was cooked and eaten .

Try to imagine all this, add the noise and the smells of a good Italian food market…We’ll take you to visit our personal market according the seasonal products, adding our suggestions, re-discovering old recipes, telling you our secrets. Together we’ll re-create the atmosphere of a real, old fashioned, Italian food market.

First step: let’s choose the seasonal products…

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